This book contains skills you will want to polish if you intend to become a better motorcyclist. Herein also describes a most awesome 2000 mile turn-by-turn route through the Appalachian Mountains and a vivid description of its hard-to-find “invisible roads!”

The journey to mastery (of anything new) goes something like this: Initially, a beginner student is “unconsciously incompetent,” meaning the student has an inborn interest but has no concept of what the skills are. With a little practice, the new student becomes a novice. The novice is “consciously incompetent,”meaning he or she is still not competent and knows it, so is going about learning and obtaining the skills required to get better. Having obtained these skills and by regular practice with the earnest intent to get better, the novice becomes a journeyman. The journeyman is “consciously competent,” meaning he or she has developed skills and has become pretty good—but not great. The journeyman has to be constantly conscious of what he or she is doing and why. Finally mastery is achieved. A master is “unconsciously competent,” meaning she or he is expert at what they do without having to think about it. This book will take you from the second level to the third level. Developing the fourth level is up to you, but it’s where the action is.

Reading this book will likely be the start of the best motorcycling experiences you will ever have. I know you will enjoy it!

Good luck!

The book can be purchased HERE for $25.00. Includes handling, packaging, and first-class shipping.