NEW! Magical Mountainous Tour! Includes: GPS Files, Hard Copy Maps

IMG_5365                                             Day 1: Berkeley Springs WV to Davis WV

Like a musician with a talent for hearing tone, I have a talent for visualizing terrain then cataloguing its details to memory. I’ve used this peculiar talent to “see” most all the Appalachian Range with the objective of staking some of the best technical sport-touring roads. My emphasis is always hills and curves. While I don’t know all the great roads, I know most of them.

In this file, I’ve crafted route that is just over 2000 miles long. Call it The Magical Mountainous Tour (Step Right This Way!) The route starts in Berkeley Spring, West Virginia and over eight days, takes you in a southerly direction through the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains to western North Carolina. The route then turns north and and concludes along the Blue Ridge Plateau at Meadows of Dan, Virginia.

NEW: This package is a compressed ZIP archive containing eight folders — one for each day of the trip. Each of the daily folders contains: a Garmin GPX file of routes, and waypoints; a printable hard copy map for that day’s ride; and a consecutive turn-by-turn guidance sheet. If you decided to purchase it, DOWNLOAD THE FILE IMMEDIATELY since there is a 15 minute timer on it. The package can be downloaded for $49.95 here: