L to R: Chris from New York with roughly 75,000 experience riding a Honda VTX 1300
Craig from Maryland with roughly 90,000 experience riding a BMW R1150RT

This Workshop was Craig’s second. He rode with me in 2008. He told me during this Tour that he wasn’t sure just what he’d learn, if anything. He characterized his first Tour as one of being introductory. His second Tour he characterized as one where he recognized bad riding habits and corrected himself and where he began to internalize several of the skills. He felt the second Tour’s lessons where lessons he absolutely needed to hear and benefits greatly from it.

This was Chris’ first Tour. He was looking to increase his confidence since he was never exactly sure where to place his bike while going through a curve. By learning to continuously place his motorcycle on the pavement for safety, his confidence grew by orders of magnitude.

Craig said the Tour exceeded his expectations. Chris said several times how great the experience was and intends to ride the Invisible Roads again.