Thank you Jim, for a what I must refer to as a “life-changing” weekend. I have been around and on bikes for most of my life so when you can have a noticeable impact on my bike handling skills and cornering confidence – in just 2 days and about 600 miles – you get my sincere gratitude!  

You have enriched my life with an adventurous perspective on riding back roads and enhanced my riding skills in a way that is dramatic. What a pleasure to ride with you and the others! I really enjoyed getting to know you. Seeing your smooth cornering and seamless bike handling skills made me want to learn what you had to offer.

I have been riding street bikes for about 27 years and dirt bikes for more than 36 years. I have ridden many thousands of miles, raced Baja, been an MSF instructor for 5 years, taken classes on street & dirt riding, lead numerous groups on rides, participated in track days, raced off-road, etc..

I grew up in a motorcycle family; my father is a smooth, capable rider and I credit a lot of my love for bikes and core riding skills to him. I work in the motorcycle industry so I have access to all kinds of riding opportunities and all kinds of bikes. Even with all that under my belt, I am now a better, safer, more capable rider than I was before I took your workshop.

You gave me new techniques to use in the swift and smooth operation of a motorcycle that I will use for the rest of my life.  You also drew out of me some things I kind of knew or techniques I intuitively used but could not describe – nor was I using these techniques fully.

You gave me easy to remember language to describe the smooth act of “flying” the motorcycle and to keep myself focused and safe. I learned a LOT from you, Jim, but I also learned from each of the other riders by watching their lines, their discussion of your techniques and their responses to your suggestions over the radio.

I can still hear your words in my helmet “Pardon me while I downshift…”   Thank you for an incredible weekend! I’ll do it again!

Sincerely, Bradley A. Convis 
Director of Sales and Marketing Coleman PowerSports 
435 South Washington Street Falls Church, VA 22046