Course Syllabus

Become as Good as You Care to Be

The Rider’s Workshop helps riders become their personal motorcycling ideal of themselves.

Below is an overview of the essential skills discussed in each workshop. What is essential to understand is these skills can only be developed when a rider is continuously controlling his motorcycle. A mountainous environment provides the best roads since they are continuously hilly and twisty.


  • Develop a 360 degree Ring of Security
  • Position Your Motorcycle for maximum safety, then enjoyment – all the time
  • Ride Defensively Offensive


  • Develop Riding Posture for Heightened Alertness, More Comfort, Better Control, and Lasting Endurance


  • Understand the road surface for continuous traction in all weather
  • Understand Your Peripheral Vision
  • Develop a procedure for seeing well
  • Understand the Vanishing Point and The View Corridor
  • Test Intuition


  • Precise Lane Positioning
  •  Precise Engine Management
  • Precise Speed


  • The Approach
  • The Entry
  • In the Curve
  • Exit the Curve


  • Braking Smoothness
  • Throttle Smoothness
  • Gear Shifting Smoothness
  • Control Smoothness
  • Being Smooth

“Master rider and teacher Jim Ford receives the highest ranking for the two day Rider’s Workshop that I had the privilege to participate in recently. Any biker with a commitment to ride more skillfully and safely will benefit greatly from Jim Ford’s instruction. The professor of Zen gave a group of four of us the best two days of riding and instruction I have ever experienced.”  Sam Kalush, M.D. Knoxville, TN