From the Cockpit

No matter what motorcycle course you attend, the riding instruction taught in each course is going to be similar – the skills are the skills no matter where they are taught.

While instruction is similar, instructors are different. What makes each instructor different is the coaching experience that they bring to the “classroom.”

My coaching experience comes from 9 seasons and over 180,000 miles coaching in real- time on Appalachian technical roads. I also have flown airplanes for 20 years. Flying an airplane on instruments or steep-banking it for fun requires continuous precision and smoothness. You cannot have one without the other. Using radio communication, I’d like to show you how to have real fun steep-banking your motorcycle down a twisty road, too!

“Jim, thank you for an awesome weekend! Aside from the great food, camaraderie, scenery, all day Saturday rainstorms (where I learned that it is a good idea to prepare for rain) and thought provoking discussions,  your instruction will lead me to smoother riding.

The gear shifting and vanishing point lessons were great and I feel that my riding has (and will continue) to improve dramatically. Having taken Penguin, Keith Code, Larry Grodsky schools, and attended many track days, I found your course to intertwine many different schools into one (almost seamlessly) shaving the best from them all. Overall it was an excellent experience.

I hope to return again and build on the foundation you have assisted me in laying.” Steve Gordon, New York City