Riding the Invisible Roads with Jim Ford and new friends was the most exciting motorcycle ride I have ever taken. I re-entered the world of motorcycling six years ago at age 59 and have ridden 50K plus miles since.

Having purchased a ’04’ BMW CL cruiser just two weeks prior to the tour with Jim, I was still making the transition from my V twin heavy weight to this much more sophisticated riding machine. Until I got behind Jim on the back roads of northern West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia I had no idea how exhilarating riding could be.

I flipped back and forth from laughing out loud to “Holy s—t!” as I scrapped another floor board in a 180 sweeping down hill, then up hill turn. Eyes on the vanishing point, turn your head, look where you want the bike to go, it will go there. –

All of these skills I had heard before and had tried, but never following someone who clearly helped focus these these skills to the limit and turned them into the ride of a lifetime for me. I’ll be digesting everything I learned in those two days of riding with Jim for a long time.

Hats off to the four of us (all gray hairs) who flew the invisible roads with Jim in late April, and a big thanks to Jim Ford for creating a great riding experience. ”

l’ll be back.

Jim Eagan