Motorcycle riding is done by individuals that are simply participating in the great thing we call life. And, like all other things in life, the vast majority of riders will simply tell themselves they are good riders and attending a workshop, or training ride, of any kind, is not something they need nor will they benefit from.

Imagine if this was the same attitude of some of the world’s best recognized figures. If the best golfer in the world had decided never to attend Stanford and learn from the coach, and then had never taken lessons from two of the world’s most renowned teachers, would he have been the dominant force he is?

The world’s greatest golfer, in my opinion, has always taken lessons from others, why? Simply he is striving to become better, and they can help him become better. I have been riding motorcycles for almost 30 years, yet I was sure I could become better. I took the Riders Workshop and there is no question I am better today than prior to attending the Workshop.

You taught me things I did not know, you reinforced things I did know, we rode some great terrain, we had some good laughs, we were smooth and fast on the hidden roads you chose. I know many people will be unwilling to take the time to improve, after all, in their minds they are good. But if they were ever to come along with some of us that have taken your workshop they would realize, after only a few turns, we are fast and smoother and safer.

To me it was apparent when a young guy on a crotch rocket hooked up with us and simply could not keep up in the corners, and we weren’t even going fast, we were simply riding smooth at a controlled safe speed.

I had a great time, the roads were fun, the instruction was what I expected, and the camaraderie was a bonus. I not only feel I learned a great deal, I feel I came away with a new friend. I will arrange another week together in the near future and will definitely participate in a future Workshop.

Ken D’Arcy
Chief Executive Officer 
Crosman Corporation