I just wanted to write a quick note to say again how much I feel my riding skills have improved since I took your class in May.  I ride with a lot more confidence, I find myself shifting at the top of a hill without thinking about it.

I follow the vanishing point without thinking about it, I set up for corners and cresting a hill and just ride more smoothly since taking your class. At least several times each time I ride I’ll catch myself doing something I  learned in your class or practiced more in your class and smile at  how natural a part of my riding it has become. I’m thinking about  more technical stuff when I ride but it takes less time to solve the  what-if scenarios I’m constantly running, so I also have more time to  enjoy the feelings and sights that were the reasons we all started  riding for in the first place.

I know you get responses like this all the time from former  students. I just wanted you to know there was one more rider out  there who rides safer and with more confidence because he took your  class.  I used to peel off the state highways and other more main  roads just to see where some smaller side road would go but now I  have a name for all those “invisible roads.”

Kirk Marshall