We’re entering into one of the most underappreciated seasons for motorcycling: Winter. Of course it’s cold outside, and sure, there are days when it is icy or too snowy to ride. But there are also plenty of days in most parts of the country when the roads are dry and beckoning.

Invest in electric riding gear – with a rheostat – for the obvious reason that manufactured warmth will keep you warmer than age-old body heat. Remember even at the cool temperature of 40 degrees, riding a road at 50 miles per hour creates a wind chill factor of 26 degree. This is a chill by any standard, and by the last hour of a good ride, most your body heat will have been sucked right out and you’re good for nothing.

But there is another important reason for electrics. Great riders astride their ride, stay relaxed at all times. Manufactured and regulated warmth inside your winter riding jacket, gloves, socks, (and pants if you go whole hog) will do this job – guaranteed.

It’s the best investment in enabling you to ride your motorcycle 12 months a year. When you feel the glow, it’s like riding in a hot shower. Ahhh!

Here’s how I have set up my electrics.

I discreetly stuck a piece of elephant Velcro on the left side of my gas tank. When I’m going to use my electrics, I Velcro my rheostat on the bike. From underneath the seat, I pull out the power cord that is permanently hard-wired to the battery and plug it into the rheostat. The other end(s) of the rheostat plugs into the jacket jack(s.)

While riding, I can reach down with my left hand and dial in just the right amount of snuggly for the conditions without taking my eyes of the road.

When I no longer want the heat, I turn the heat off. Simple.

When I am finished using the heat, I unplug the rheostat, pull it off the Velcro, and stow the cord back under my seat using a small, thick rubber band. The rheostat goes in the tank bag. Simple again.

If you want to ride 12 months a year, invest. You’re worth it.