What? Me Worry?

Most riders would freak if they saw their gas gauge this far gone. Not me here’s why: Several weeks after I purchased this 12 Adventure I topped off the tank, immediately reset the odometer, then ran the tank down until I heard the fuel pump squealing in protest. At that point, I had 404 miles on the tank. 404 miles gave me a good idea of the bike’s range. I rolled to a stop and pulled out of my hat a half gallon bottle of gas that I had been carrying for this exercise. I replenished the tank with this gasoline which was enough to get me to the nearest gas station. I repeated the drill, by topping off the tank and again resetting the odometer (I always reset the odometer at each fuel stop) and got nearly the same miles on the tank.
I then knew my bike’s range.
I know, from this exercise, just how many miles I can get out of a tank of gas. So these days, when my chronically misleading gas gauge reads empty and the range reads down to 9, I’m not concerned with 319.5 miles on the odometer. I don’t worry at all.
See you in third Gear.

Jim Ford