The Pelvic Tilt

Here is a simple trick for leaning your body effectively each and every time you take a curve.

Just before entering a curve, lift your 
opposite or outside pelvic bone. For example, if you’re ready to lean yourself into a left-hand curve, lift your right pelvic bone just slightly. Don’t stress. It’s doesn’t take much. You don’t need to lift off the seat.

By lifting your outside pelvic bone, you’ll press your inside pelvic bone into the seat. Now your pelvis is tilted in the direction of the curve. By tilting yourself to the inside of the curve, you will automatically have aligned your upper body into an adequate lean position to take the curve smoothly. Your inside elbow will be bent just so, supporting your bone sack and noggin now tilted just left of the centerline of the motorcycle.

Around the curves you’ll fly, tilting your pelvis back and forth as you go.

Piece of cake. 

See you in third gear. 

Jim Ford