Master rider and teacher Jim Ford receives the highest ranking for the two day Rider’s Workshop that I had the privilege to participate in recently. Any biker with a commitment to ride more skillfully and safely will benefit greatly from Jim Ford’s instruction. The professor of Zen gave a group of four of us the best two days of riding and instruction I have ever experienced.

The local byways of the Shenandoah and West Virginia are the classroom for the two day work shop. With an extraordinary combination of expert riding skills and a gift for teaching, Ford instructs student riders to learn advanced riding skills and vital safety disciplines while enjoying a marvelous ride on some of the best blue highways and through some of the most splendid terrain on the planet.

Using repetition and reinforcement, Ford teaches precise positioning of the motorcycle in curves and through hills; crisp throttle management; and a strong emphasis on expert gear shifting to efficiently work the engine through the twists and turns of the invisible roads.

Following the work shop, the rider is better able to begin the commitment and process to master and own the skills for proficient motorcycle riding. By keeping the rider group small, Ford is able to advance rider skills and instill the confidences required for aggressive, brisk, and safe riding.

Ford makes effective use of wireless, one way radio communication between himself and the student riders to teach the principles of proficient riding. I learned the most from Ford when I was positioned immediately behind or in front of him during the rides. By riding close to Jim, in front or behind, he has the knack to take the rider to the outer edge of the “comfort zone” and a bit beyond, where the education is most intense and,obviously, most beneficial.

The motorcycle community is fortunate to have a master rider who is willing and able to share his experience,skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm with fellow riders. Kudos and five stars to Jim Ford and the Riders Workshop for a job well done.

Samuel L. Kalush, M.D.
Cardiologist and Medical Director, 
The Center for Healthy Aging Sarasota, FL