Seal the Deal

Here’s hoping some of you folks rode your motorcycles to your favorite motorcycle store this weekend and bought yourself a set of electrics. You will have done yourself some good.  Now seal the deal.

This morning I went for a ride. I left the house about 7. It was a frosty with temps in the low 30s. As usual I wait about a half hour before I twist the knob. I like to wait until my self – generated wind chill chills me. As soon as I feel those chilly fingers begin to creep down my spine, I twist the rheostat and within moments a warm wash surrounds me. It is so very nice!

But you gotta seal the deal. The fact is, we lose a most our body heat through our “chimneys,” so sealing off our neck is a must do, and when it’s frigid (like it wasn’t this morning,) our scalp.

My buddy, Mike, introduced me to Ibex merino wool, New Zealand’s best shot. There’s all manner of wool products to choose; it’s all good. I purchased a merino wool neck tube, like a neck gasket. Wearing the tube does an excellent job sealing my neck off from chilly intrusion. The soft wool doesn’t chafe my skin either. It’s cozy.

The other seal is a balaclava. A balaclava is like a scuba dive hood. It’s made of thin elastic material that covers your whole head. Wear a balaclava underneath your helmet with it’s real cold and you’ll seal in most all your body warmth.

Have a great ride. 

See you in third gear.